Abhishek Guru

Parramatta NSW
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Abhishek Guru was born and raised in Chennai, a coastal city in South India famous for its spicy cuisine and expansive beaches. He has studied at prestigious institutions including IIT Madras, IIM Calcutta and The University of Sydney.

From an early age, being a bit of a wild spirit, he didn’t seem to find fulfilment in most of the options that life offered him. When he was introduced to a yoga program designed by Sadhguru at Isha Foundation, this offered him a glimpse into the unbounded nature of existence and gave him an opportunity to do something meaningful – to raise awareness about yoga in its purest form.

After volunteering at Isha’s Australian centers where he deepened his spiritual practises, he undertook a 21-week (1750 hour) Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India, which he successfully completed in December 2013.

In February 2014, he founded Yoga Sadhana, School of Classical Hatha Yoga, which offers classical Hatha Yoga programs in Sydney. He also teaches occasionally for programs organised by Isha Australia.

He has taught in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and also in Hong Kong. He was invited to teach at the first World Yoga Day festival on 21st June 2015 (the first International Day of Yoga) at Bondi Beach in Sydney and to lead the first Yoga class on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on International Day of Yoga 2016. He has also offered a session at the first NSW Parliament House celebrating International Day of Yoga 2016.

Believing that yoga is a solution to all the world’s problems, he has dedicated his life to connecting seekers to this sacred science. He has established a studio space at 34/70-74 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia in July 2016.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Refined and rigorous

Abhishek is a fantastic teacher. He gives very clear and precise instructions. He possesses a calm and compassionate demeanour, and is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of his students.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Focused and committed to transmitting classical Hatha Yoga.

Abhishek is a patient and focused teacher committed to transmitting classical Yoga. His instructions are clear and precise. Whenever a question was asked it was answered with consideration of the students knowledge and answered accordingly. No student was left confused or unsure of an instruction. I found his style of teaching meticulous and very benefeicial. There was order and consistency in all four classes I attended with him. This created a nice rhythm and pace to the classes.

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Just a terrific teacher a llround

I have found Abhishek to be a very knowledgeable teacher, with a lot of patience, attention to detail and very clear way of explaining and demonstrating the various aspects of Hata Yoga. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

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Caring skillfull & Knowledgeable teacher

Abhishek Guru is wonderfully trained by ISHA & taught & facilitated a wonderful weekend of Hata Yoga in Melbourne. I am an extensively experienced & qualified yoga teacher & he really provided such a wonderful space for the large group of students ( myself included) to have a deep understanding of the practice that he provided.

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The Classical Hata Yoga Returns.

The teacher is one of graduates of Isha yoga's School of Hata Yoga. He has gone through an intense training in the process and that is reflected in the amount of dedication with which he teaches his classes. He teaches Hata yoga in its full glory- not only the physical postures are presented but the spiritual possibilities associated to them are also opened up- just the way the science of yoga was created in the first place. All the yoga postures are demonstrated and explained with great care and in a detailed fashion with explanations of the science behind it. Attending his classes has been a very enjoyable and powerful experience. Highly recommended!

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Abhishek Guru is a patient, approachable and dedicated teacher. I attended the Surya Kriya course in Melbourne and found it to be exceptional in terms of the atmosphere that was set up in the hall and the care and precision of the teaching. For this particular course, Abhishek worked with a demonstrator, so there was a nice balance between physical demonstration and explanation. This practice has changed the quality of my life (and physical health) and I cannot recommend it more highly.

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Friendly, non-judgmental, knowledgable & professional.

Abhi is a really friendly guy, some might find him quiet but he is really a very nice guy. His instructions are perfectly clear and extremely easy to understand and follow, everything is done in a logical, step-wise order, and Abhi won't relentlessly hassle you if you get something a little wrong - in my experience, comments are given to the group as a whole, no one was singled out. He creates a very conducive atmosphere for learning the practices and he knows the asanas absolutely 100%. He is very approachable and I wish I lived in Sydney so I could go to more of his sessions!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

In my experience he is a excellent teacher which explains in detail how to do the positions and moves. He is very friendly and willing to answers all your questions and doubts during and after class. I highly recommend him as a teacher.