Acharya Vinay Sharma

Mollem Goa

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Yoga Acharya Vinay was born in a Vedic family, in which all the family members used to chant Vedic mantras and practiced yoga daily. In childhood he was greatly influenced by his father, whom he gives full credit for sparking an interest in yoga. His father was a good practitioner of yoga and meditation. Yogi Vinay started out his career as a meditation instructor with a course in Transcendental Meditation and after completing his university graduation, he went on to complete a post-graduate diploma followed by a Masters degree in Yogic science from Yoga University in Bhopal, MP. Presently he is doing his Phd in Yoga. Having always had an interest in Naturopathy, Yogi Vinay went on to complete a diploma course in Paramedical and Naturopathy and became proficient in yoga therapy. He has successfully guided individuals to cures from chronic illnesses by applying traditional approaches of naturopathy and natural living such as nutrition, fasting, sunbathing, hydrotherapy, etc. He is certified in Thai yoga Level 1&2, Advanced Yoga posture and chakra meditation. He has participated in national seminars and yoga competitions where he obtained various awards for his outstanding performance in various forms of yoga. He has been a part of the Yoga Vimoksha team for more than 5 years.


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