Adali Parks

Santa Carmela
Cabo San Lucas BCS

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"I truly believe that if every human being practiced yoga,
this world would be a different Yoga changes the body
but also expands consciousness and creates healthy and powerful minds with the potential to make a real difference in the world"
My intention as a yoga instructor is to open the door to people to look within and reencounter with thyself physically and emotionally and learn from there the path to live a full and balance life.

In our studio "Cabo Hot Yoga" we offer a range of styles for different preferences, however we focus in hot yoga because we believe that the release of toxins on your body thru sweat complete the whole intention as well bring safer and deeper yoga practice.
Hot Yoga was my first experience with the yoga world in 2001 inspire by a beautiful teacher Holly Ives who open that door to me to a more meaningful life. I am a certify instructor by Ganga White at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, Ca. Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga since 2003, certify by Sacred Movement with Shiva Rea in Venice, Ca in 2004, after this I begin my journey to share this beautiful discipline in Los Cabos. Now as owner of my own hot yoga studio, I have the great opportunity of put together a qualify team of teachers on different yoga styles like Ashtanga, Hatha flow, Therapeutic and Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga. Personally I am passionate about breath and movement, the energy of the breath as a guide to move our bodies thru the asanas is the key to a success yoga practice, the challenge without the breath do not exist.

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