Adda Stylianidou

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Adda graduated from the Economic University of Pireaus and, for many years worked in multinational organisations under very demanding conditions. During this period, exercising the body was always a part of her daily routine.
She met yoga in 2003 in a period when she was looking to combine the physical strength with the internal peace and balance. Her restless spirit though, was looking for something deeper and the practice was leading her to a much more profound path of spiritual evolution and way of living.
Gradually she became more dedicated to her daily practice and realised that on the yoga mat she could find her true self. In spring 2010 she graduates from the teacher training of Yogaworks (200 hrs Yoga Alliance Certification), a system that combines the method of Ashtanga, Iyengar & Vinie yoga with Anna Zorzou and Kori Flechtner as her teachers. In 2011 she studies the therapeutic system of Anusara under the experienced guidance of John Friend & Naime Jezzeny. The same year, she studies under the Sivananda Yoga Acharyas and deepens her practice in spiritual evolution (raja yoga) and the practices of mind control (pranayama, meditation). Furthermore, she deals with the pranic healing by obtaining the 1st & 2nd degree of the Usui Reiki System. In June 2012 she specializes her training in prenatal yoga with the Birthlight system.

In August 2012 she realises her first trip to India, where she spends one month studying yoga under the guidance and teachings of Swami Santhiprasad, a Spiritual Yoga Master and Guru. This experience deepens her knowledge in the Science of Yoga, Prana, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

In April 2013 she is trained on NUAD BO-RARN (Ancient Massage of Thailand, Northern Style) and obtains the Thai Massage Certification from ITM International Training Massage School (Chiang Mai, Thailand).

In 2013 and 2014 she obtains the Master degree in Reiki and the Basic Level of Pranic Healing.

Living yoga first and foremost as a student she enriches her experience through her personal practice and the guidance of great teachers both in Greece and abroad, and offers yoga to her students as a tool to find their true nature and to bring peace in their body, mind and soul.


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One of the Best Yoga Instructors in Athens!!!

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i love adda :-)

Adda is a fantastic yoga teacher!
Calm, adorable and inspiring;caring for her students; she is keen to kindly give away her knowledge and advice and with a beautiful voice - perfect for relaxation! :-)

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Adorable teacher, combines perfectly friendliness, approachability care and spirituality.

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Her peaceful smiley face welcomes you to make your afternoon brighter, while provinding you with patience, perseverance, stimilus and guidance for further physical and psychic attainment

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Adda is the perfect teacher! Friendly, approachable, with a great deal of patience, positive energy and genuine interest for the students