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West Midlands
United Kingdom

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Let me introduce myself!
My name is Adele. I am a primary school teacher with 20 years teaching experience in schools.
I was thrilled to discover I could train and offer Yoga to children and provide young children and families and opportunity to discover and explore the many benefits yoga offers. To observe children achieve and delight in this fun approach to fitness is most beneficial, especially in today’s society where children can encounter so many stresses. I totally enjoy the opportunity to see children achieve and delight in this fun approach to fitness.

The benefits of yoga training are enormous and having taught in school for so many years, I can see the potential of this training as it links particularly well with the PHSE curriculum and SEAL initiatives.
I now offer yoga workshops in nurseries, schools. Children centres, galleries and libraries as part of the curriculum and for Creative and International themed weeks. Most of my work is delivered through ‘Healthy schools’, this initiative promotes the health and well-being of its pupils and staff through a well-planned, taught curriculum in a physical and emotional environment that promotes learning and healthy lifestyle choices.

Initially schools should achieve National Healthy Schools Status (NHSS) through focussing on four criteria areas:

Personal, social and health education
Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
Emotional health and well-being

Yoga is encompassed in all of these categories as I inform the children, it is a whole body workout and focuses on bringing the mind and body together, looking also at keeping the internal and well as the external parts of the body healthy!

Because yoga is non-threatening, non-competitive, encourages all aspects of healthy living including healthy eating and building self-esteem and respect for others, encompasses relaxation techniques and many more skills for life it is a useful approach for the whole school community.

Adele Deane
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