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Adi Ichsan teaches the vipassana meditation basicly in the Mahasi Sayadaw style and generaly in accordance to the Mahasatipathana Sutta, he became a Buddhist in 1983 under the supervision of his first Vipassana teacher late Acharn Mettavihari, and was given the Buddhist name Dhammuttamo.

Adi practiced vipassana since 1982 and has since the 90s acquired his knowledge and insights mainly from the Thai temples, guided by Thai meditation masters. In '97 Adi completed the teachers training at International Buddhist Center in what Phradhatu Doi Suthep according to the meditation curriculum of Buddhist university Mahachulanlongkorn Mahavidyalaya, under guidance of Phra Acharn Noah Yuttadhammo.

A year later, his former teacher late Mettavihari also recognized him as a teacher of Vipassana. In 2014, Adi left the group of Vipassana teachers of former students Mettavihari due to principle objections regarding how respect and loyality should be shown by the group to the deceased teacher.

Adi's approach is detailed, analytical, systematic and traditional, in the belief that the traditional method offers the most advantages for the average person to get a glimpse of Nibbana in this life.

Among the list of his teachers are the late Acharn Mettavihari (Amsterdam), Phra Acharn Po (Wat Suan Mokh), Phra Acharn Tippakorn (What Krisanathamaram), Phra Acharn Thong Sirimangalo (Wat Chom Tong), Phra Acharn Noah Yuttadhammo (Wat Doi Suthep) Acharn mrs. Suchin Boriharnwanaket (Bangkok), Acharn mrs. Vitoon (Wat Boon Kanjanaram), Phra Acharn Sobhin Namto (What Wangplado) .

Adi Ichsan currently sits on the board of Dhammadipa Foundation that the meditation center in St Pieterspoortsteeg 29-1 manages in Amsterdam and is also advisor to the Wat Thai Buddhavihara in Purmerend.

Adi teaches as well at the meditation center Dhammadipa (former Sangha Metta) in Amsterdam, as at Wat Thai Buddhavihara in Purmerend for the Dutch Buddhist community.

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