Adonia Tsakalakis

Calgary, AB

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‘The present moment is all that matters’. This is how Adonia guides her yoga classes. Whether you’re powering through a flow class or calming your nervous system through a restorative practice, the key is to be present.

Adonia Tsakalakis was born in the beautiful mountains of the Mediterranean in Greece, soon after which she immigrated with her parents to Canada. Growing up with multiple talents, Adonia is a passionate volunteer in the Hellenic Community of Calgary. She is the coordinator of the Greek dance society, Dionysos Hellenic Cultural Society, and she volunteers as a DJ on CJSW 90.9fm. Infatuated with health and wellness, the longevity of life, balance and proper nutrition, Adonia is also a consultant for weight management and creating lifestyle transformations.

“Yoga was inspired into my life by a dear friend and mentor. Before meeting her, I had practiced yoga a couple times and was not really into it. I think it had to do with timing. I was a heartbroken, university student who was working a part time job, as well as volunteering regularly in the community. Stress was often surfacing for me.
My friend was a yoga teacher and she invited me to give the practice another look. Since then, yoga has supported my growth from the inside out. Yoga is magic that unfolds and opens the doors of possibility! All you have to do is listen, breathe and nourish yourself daily. You are your best teacher.”

Come enjoy a playful and interactive practice with me! Yoga begins with our simple life source of breathing. If you can breathe, your journey into yoga has already begun!”


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