Adri-Mari Vilonel

Johannesburg 06
South Africa

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Adri-Mari did her initial yoga teacher's training in Bali - focussing on Vinyasa style of yoga. She also did an Advanced Yoga Teacher's Training with Anna Forrest - Forrest Yoga.

She has successfully started and managed Harmony Yoga Studio in Parkwood for 6 years. She now focus primarily on teaching private yoga classes.

Adri-Mari has a successful business background and explored yoga over many years as a support to bring balance to her life, health in body and mind. She has done extensive international traveling quenching her thirst for adventure. She has studied alternative healing practices and is now fully entrenched in exploring the internal world.

“The time has come for me to offer back to the world what I have received in abundance – I have found my purpose in life to supporting others on their paths to self-discovery, harmonising body, mind and spirit.”

Adri-Mari is known for her compassion and ability to inspire and build confidence regardless of one's age or yoga experience. She has a keen eye for precise alignment and provides adjustments that are beneficial to each individual - knowing when to encourage clients to work harder and the wisdom to hold them back when they've had enough. Over and above offering group classes at Harmony House, Adri-Mari is involved in various Corporate Yoga programs and private individual classes.


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