Adriana Speiker

Ft. Worth, TX
United States

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Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years. I have found it present in every part of my life: professional, and personal.
I led military yoga classes on a base in Afghanistan and to soldiers at my Army reserve unit in Minnesota. I have given classes to every age and specialized in the HIV+/AIDS population in Chicago's uptown neighborhood. Now, I include yoga with my therapeutic clients in Texas.
My personal story included trauma recovery with the use of yogic breath and asana to release what words and thought couldn't. I am inspired to share and be a part of a community that gives compassion and experience to those in need of help through mind-body work.

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  1. Open House, Free Class, & Information Night
    3303 Lee Parkway Suite #330, Dallas TX, US 75219
    Apr 15