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The ‘Real Flow Yoga’ ethos is “Yoga that honours the flow state’ and to ‘Recognise how Yoga attunes you to the Flow of Life’. Adrianne and Indyoga support and guide students to find the ‘Flow State’ within their own Yoga practice, with emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness, trust and authenticity. It is these 3 key qualities that unlock the flow state within us!

With the intention to help others feel better about themselves, to assist anyone coming to the mat from injury or illness, to encourage a beginner to come to their first class or motivate improving & intermediate students to maintain passion in their existing yoga.

Bringing various yoga lineages together, such as Ashtanga, Sivananda, Jivamukti, Prana Flow, Yin, Hatha, Lunar and Tripsichore to create intuitive vinyasa krama sequences using flow of movement between asana, with focus on breath and mindfulness to find your 'Real Flow Yoga'.

Adrianne teaches Heat and Cool sequences promoting correct alignment to enhance flexibility & strength within your postures, whilst practicing Pranayama (energy and breath control), meditation, chanting and final Savasana relaxation. And…all of this accompanied by an inspirational selection of music and ambience in your practice to help you find your own ‘Flow’.

Indyoga classes are held in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire and Adrianne is also available for personal 1-2-1 tuition in your own home or our Boroughbridge Studio as well as corporate and private events. Please get in touch for more details or any questions and we hope to see you on the mat soon.

‘When we respect the principle of change, we align ourselves with the flow of life. When we honour the flow, we align ourselves with creativity and the source of creativity itself, our true essence’ – Tammy Mittell


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