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United Kingdom

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I have been practicing yoga for 4 years now. The first time on my mat, I came by curiosity and didn’t know what to expect really. After 1 hour practice, I felt in a very good mood and I told myself “that was unexpected; it is great, let’s do that again!”
Since, I started my journey through the unchartered waters of yoga practice. Starting to practice regularly helped me to understand more about what practicing yoga is bringing to me in the day to day life. Yoga practice taught me to be in the “now” and to let go mentally while being totally connected with my body, the kinaesthetic and proprioceptive perceptions. Yoga is indeed the calming of the fluctuations of the mind! It gave me clarity about living my life in a more substantial, authentic and meaningful way. Also, to dedicate myself to something that gives me a sense of purpose and meaning in life, something that makes me connect to other people in a fulfilling and unpretentious way. I had the chance to get introduce to the Baron Baptiste vyniasa power yoga. The approach through the movement, the meditation and the enquiry gave me the opportunity to discover the yoga practice not just as another physical activity, but as a practice which gives you the possibility to be more relaxed and energized, to discover yourself through enquiries, to connect with your inner feelings and identity, to have more clarity about yourself, to be awake and mindful about your actions. My motivation is to create something of my own yoga practice that is truly and completely aligned with my values and the way I perceive the world and myself in it. The values I want to bring into yoga practice are: kindness, compassion, acceptance, respect, inclusion, creativity and positive energy. This is what I practice when I practice yoga and that is exactly what I want my teaching to reflect.
Practicing yoga in the studio is a vibrant experience, being taught by passionate teachers who are willing to share their love for yoga and to bring happiness to their students. The connection with others, through the mindfulness of the breath is very powerful. Another aspect of the practice which I deeply appreciate is the freedom of choices; nothing is due to be and the notion of competition does not exist. It is much more to learn listening to yourself, to your body and to act accordingly.
I remember very clearly the first time I practiced yoga on my own. It came naturally even I felt a bit weird to be alone! But this has been a huge step in my discovery of yoga practice. I gained enough maturity to feel comfortable enough to practice without the support of a class or a teacher. It is also the moment where I switched from practicing yoga as an exercise to adopt it as a lifestyle! I want to continue this journey of self-awakening and self-awareness that I embarked on over a year ago.
Part of this journey led me to yoga teacher training as a way of self-revelation, spiritual awakening and enquiry. For me yoga practice is the connection of body and mind as one entity and not as two separate things. I carry this awareness with me when I practice yoga and it is my desire that I will be able to transmit it in others as a teacher combined with the understanding that yoga is both spiritual and physical journey that is unlimited in its possibilities. By practicing and teaching yoga I will bring a deeper sense of balance in my life that I will be able to also transmit to my students: balance of body and mind and consequently balance of life in all its aspects.
This is also to me why yoga practice is such an amazing tool to bring in your life. If you look attentively you can see clearly and become less ignorant of your true person. By teaching yoga I keep learning, evolving and growing in a meaningful way, always remain a true student of yoga, a true student of life. Through practicing and teaching yoga I wish to give my students and the people in my life my best-self, my kindest self, my most motivated and enthusiastic self in abundance.
To be a good teacher is the faculty of knowing yourself enough to focus on the others, on their wellbeing by bringing a little piece of happiness during their day (and to take back home with them!). This is how I want to live my life, by learning a bit more about me every day in order to give a bit more to the others. Through practicing and teaching yoga, I am becoming much more in touch with my vulnerability and not shy away from it anymore, as perceive it to be a trait of strength not weakness. Being aware and in touch with my vulnerability enables me to truly reveal myself to students and people in my life and built connections of authenticity and genuine trust with others.
As I mentioned before when practicing yoga I am on a journey of self-awareness and revelation. My aspiration is that by continuing this journey, self-awareness will eventually grow to include the true awareness of the other, my students, my loved ones, the world. Awareness of the other is for me the ability to go beyond what only meet the eye and to truly listen, observe, empathise, put myself in the other’s shoes, carry a part of their joys and griefs, and practice kindness without judgment.


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