Adrienne Bagnall

Bishops Stortford
United Kingdom

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Adrienne is an Iyengar yoga teacher and holistic therapist. She has been practising yoga for over 17 years. In her early years she was a gymnast and a gymnastic coach. Her love of Iyengar lies with its discipline and precision and advance knowledge of the is through her avid approach as a current and long time student of Iyengar yoga that she can convey her teachings of the Asanas and Pranayama. She teaches with warmth and enthusiasm and respects each individual’s unique abilities, working in stages towards the classical poses in order to build a strong foundation and steady progress.

Adrienne has taught many people throughout the years from age 7 to 92 years old, both able and disabled, ill and healthy. Her private Iyengar yoga classes are in Bishops Stortford, Standon and Hertford. Beginners are welcome and all equipment is provided initially. Yoga classes generally start with simple poses and gradually move towards more advanced poses ending with a period of relaxation and sometimes incorporating breathing techniques (Pranayama). Adrienne also teaches at corporate companies (Which?) and yoga studios (The Secret Space, Hertford).

The immediate benefits of Iyengar yoga are greater flexibility and strength and better physical health. Meditation is closely intertwined with the asanas (poses). Iyengar yoga has been around for over 60 years,and it is one of the most effective yoga forms for people who want to cope with mental and spiritual stress. Excellent alignment and balance and relaxations are major points of emphasis in Iyengar yoga. Anyone can benefit from Iyengar yoga, and the use of props and high training of its teachers mean that the poses are accessible for all students of all ages with and without injuries or medical conditions.

Adrienne is also a teacher with the charity funded programme ‘Positive Movement’, where she teaches the universal principles of yoga and Alexander technique to people with various levels of disability and physical impairments. Through the adapted asanas and movements, each person is helped to feel more grounded, helping them to increase an expansion in their minds and within their selves.

She has studied with many renowned Iyengar teachers, and she practices yoga and pranayama daily as well as studying with senior Iyengar teachers weekly in classes and workshops.

Adrienne is also a qualified in swedish holistic massage, acupressure chair and a reiki healer.


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