Adrienne Niven

Windsor Gardens SA

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Yoga is not just about asanas. This is just the physical aspect. Yoga is a way of living. A way to experience. It’s an ongoing journey where each moment should be experiences and will be different.
With a background in Education, Business and Fitness and Health, Adrienne from Ambrosia Yoga & Wellbeing, has been working within the health industry for over 14 years. As a part of her own personal development like many of her clients she works with now, Adrienne looked for strategies to find balance from her intense life and a busy mind. After trialling many Western methodologies less successfully, she found both personal challenges and peace in her own yoga practice through study at the Institute of Yoga Therapy and Science in Indore, India. This presented her an opportunity to study, live and “breathe” true yoga as well as work with the community in the first and only Yoga Therapy Hospital in India.
Adrienne is inspired by the likes of her Guruji Dr Omanand and Rodney Yee and their work with community. She enjoys the ability to work on both internal matters and external matters with an integrated approach to wellbeing and to begin people’s journey with yoga. She believes passionately that “yoga is not about perfectionism, but it just is what it is at that time. Yoga is not just physically moving in a room but being completely in that room. Yoga can be done whilst drinking your coffee, doing the gardening or laughing with friends. What you learn and experience on your mat in a studio can be taken anywhere.”


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