Adrienne Tremain

Stillwater, NJ
United States

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I took my very first yoga class my last semester of college in Spring 2010. I didn't know it right away, but yoga would eventually change my life completely. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and continued to practice yoga.
In December 2013 I graduated from The Breathing Room Center, under the guidance of Paula Tepedino and Cheryl Paulson. It was through this program that I discovered teaching yoga was my not only my passion, but my purpose as well. Yoga helped, and continues to help, me through many ailments in my body and my mind as well. My goal in teaching yoga is to bring all of it's benefits to others who are in need.
I am thrilled to now be starting the Freedom Yoga program. Where my goal is to create a community for people to learn and grow in a positive atmosphere. I hope to help others find their own inner peace and free themselves of any obstacles.


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