Aesha Kennedy

Mullumbimby NSW
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I've been teaching yoga and meditation since 1991 and run weekly classes, private sessions, creativity and spiritual mentoring sessions, and facilitate Bali BlossOm Retreats for women once a year.
I teach Yin-Hatha style yoga with a good dose of mindfulness practice, and non-duality perspectives.
I'm a visual artist and I enjoy painting and getting my hands into clay.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
finding my divine self

Aesha has a beautiful way of introducing ourselves to our inner spirit through various asanas and breathe work, whilst reminding us throughout class to nurture our spirit, to be our own observer and not our judge, to listen to our body and acknowledge that we are all different physically and personally. Aesha has been my teacher for over 14 years and her class has helped me become more flexible and strong physically and spiritually.


Aeshas classes have helped me heal great emotional pain within myself and also connect with spirit on a more deeper level. She is very intuitive and can adjust her class to the general feel of her students energy levels and emotional levels. I have introduce many new students to her class and they to have stayed for years since. I too have been to various yoga classes and diferent teachers which I have enjoyed but Aeshas class nurtures my body and my soul...a true advocate for love...namaste :)

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Aesha has been my yoga teacher for the last 2 and half years. I started coming to her classes at a vulnerable time in my life, and feel so grateful that my connection to her through yoga has been such a vital part of my recovery into emotional and physical wellbeing. I think of coming to yoga with Aesha every week like having a big hydrating drink of water for my spirit being. I love her feminine approach, the emphasis on self love. Aesha is a truly authentic teacher who simply lives yoga. I am so truly grateful that she is in my life. LOVE.

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I love my yoga teacher

I joined Aesha's weekly yoga classes thirteen years ago. I cannot imagine my week without them. Aesha is a gentle caring dedicated and inspired yoga teacher. Her passion for the practice of yoga both physically and spiritually inspires all her students. Many of us have attended her classes for a great many years and are so grateful to have Aesha and her yoga practice in our lives.

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We all need a little Aesha time in our life

Aesha is an incredible and experienced yoga teacher, a beautiful soul and I am so glad that I found her. Her classes are nurturing, nourishing and gentle yet strengthening. Her energy and the atmosphere she creates in her classes put you into an instant state of calm, where the asana becomes effortless under her guidance.


Her classes always feel 'complete' - in that 1-2 hours you have stretched, strengthened, let go of your concerns, been completely present, stilled your mind through breath awareness, incorporated an awareness of chakras and mantra, and at the end of the class you feel ‘lighter’. Her classes are suitable for all ages – it is yoga for life, for longevity, that assists you to maintain strength, flexibility and mobility as well as a calm and peaceful mind throughout your life.

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I highly recommend Aesha Kennedy as a gifted Yoga Teacher with a vast and thorough array of experience, who continues to learn and pass on her wisdom and knowledge to her students.

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Perfect Life Recipe

Take a heap of spirituality mixed with an equal serve of physicality, stir to combine with oodles of nurturing, professional guidance and ice liberally with humour...& there you have it - the holistic meal you wish you could have EVERY day: a yoga class with Aesha!!!

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Cecily Ann from Mullumbimby

Aesha - my yoga teacher for over five years now. Originally I picked the class closest and easiest to get to, the tin roofed Pioneer Hall. How lucky was I that Aesha was the yoga teacher there. The class has long since moved to a beautiful air conditioned studio in the centre of town. Some of the things I like in Aesha's classes are: yin yoga components; changing emphases and content of classes; physiological explanations; Aesha's unspoken observations of personal aptitudes/limitations and advice on adjustments; emphasis on meditative discipline and breathing; and spiritual guidance in a secular style. Highly recommended.

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Aesha Kennedy's yoga

I have been practicing yoga with Aesha for over fifteen years and I can't praise her yoga classes highly enough. From the very first class I found her inspirational on many levels. With her, spirituality, soothing voice, clear agenda, caring attitude and thorough execution of asanas plus a wonderful relaxation at the end, I come out of class walking on air - regenerated, relaxed, positive and empowered. I highly recommend her classes to everyone for she structures her classes to suit beginners and the more experienced equally, allowing each person to practice at their own level.