Agatha Glowacki

Washington, DC
United States

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For Agatha, life is all about transformation. She has found that one of the most powerful tools in that process to be yoga. She was introduced to Jivamukti yoga by her dear mentor and friend Jill Abelson, who started and built a strong, vibrant Jiva presence in the DC area. For Agatha, the Jivamukti method combines all the essential alchemical elements of transformation - the physical, philosophical and spiritual - and builds on the technologies developed by ancient yogic seers. It has been a great joy to see how Jivamukti has blossomed in DC and the sangha continues to grow.

Agatha has also studied meditation and mindfulness extensively, another powerful tool in the transformation of consciousness. She spent extensive time as a resident at Bhavana Society, a Buddhist monastery in rural West Virginia, in addition to studying with Tibetan teachers and Catholic nuns. All of her yoga classes incorporate teachings from the mindfulness and contemplative traditions.

Agatha is also passionate about working for transformation on a societal level, and in that vein has received her PhD in conflict resolution, which she continues to teach to everyone from university students to inmates at prisons.


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