Agnė Budreckytė


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I fell in love with ashtanga yoga in 2008. Although I have mainly focused on Mysore (ashtanga vinyasa yoga self-practice) and ashtanga vinyasa styles, I have since tried and tested many different styles of yoga. And yet, I keep coming back to ashtanga vinyasa – it provides me with discipline, keeps me centred and grounded, yet challenged.

I want my students to feel that regardless of their reasons for coming to my classes – whether fitness, meditation, relaxation, an opportunity to learn more about themselves and yoga, have an enjoyable time when they don’t have to think of anything else but their practice, or any other – to feel welcome and free to take in anything and everything that I have to offer.

I offer authentic ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes filled with inspiring music, yoga philosophy, personalised adjustments and a fun attitude towards practice.


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