Aida Amar

San Diego, CA
United States

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Aída Amar
828 Calla Ave. # B
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

I will like to introduce myself with the intention to offer my services as a Fitness and Yoga Instructor, specialized in body therapy directed to people with mental health conditions, and or chronic pain, and in general for people who has body flexibility limitations.

I obtained a certification in Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science at UCSD Extension, I am also a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Personal Trainer by the NESTA and the American Council of Exercise.
For years I been teaching Yoga and body therapy that I call “Mindful Body Movement” in private Studios, Community Colleges, SDSU Health Projects and, as an essential part of my work as a Counselor in mental health and substance abuse programs .

In addition I received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Mexico (UNAM). For over 20 years I been working in San Diego County as a Counselor and Social Worker in different programs and mental health facilities.

Through my work, and personal experience suffering from muscular pain, I have develop body routines directed to people with mobility limitations, noticing in the participants, a significant improvement in their body postures, helping them to notice how the use and misuse their bodies, and learning basic concepts of body dynamics that affects their functioning and ability to move with less pain and less emotional suffering.

I have a Demo Video placed on YouTube: Aida Amar, “Yoga and The Art of moving without Pain”, also in Spanish:” Yoga y el arte de moverse sin Dolor”, showing how to utilize some body dynamic principals and concepts to improve flexibility, balance and coordination.

I am offering group and individual sessions of Body Therapy in English and Spanish, I also offer seminars in Body Therapy and Mindful Body Movement.

Aida Amar,
Fitness and Yoga Instructor
/> YouTube: “Yoga and The Art of moving without Pain”, also in Spanish:” Yoga y el arte de moverse sin Dolor”


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