Aimee Bourget

Grand Junction, CO
United States

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I began my serious pursuit of yoga during a particularly tough year of university. My health was failing and I was suffering from classwork anxiety and the "I'm almost finished with school, now what do I do with my life?" depression. Not so unlike most senior students, I suppose. I had taken a semester of yoga in university and I remembered the light sensation of peace and safety I'd experienced whilst focused on my mat. I wanted to transform that elusive feeling into a state of mind, so I joined a yoga studio and invested in some stretchy pants.

I can honestly say that it was yoga that restored my health and peace of mind. I learned to view myself through a new lens – a clear lens without judgment or unrealistic expectations. In the past, I'd been so busy trying to make things perfect that I had never been helped me to disconnect from my problems and to connect with myself.

I found that my problems and myself were two very different entities. With the sensations of clarity, safety, peace, gratitude, acceptance, and freedom I found through my yoga practice, I developed the strength I needed to graduate at the top of my class and maintain my emotional/physical health regardless of what was going on in the world around me.

After a year of regular practice, I happily realized that my health was far better than it had ever been. I decided that I wanted to be able to share this route to health and peace of mind, so I enrolled in a teacher-training course in Spain through After three and a half weeks of brutally intensive yoga training, I achieved my 200-hour certificate to teach Yoga Vinyasa.

I spent one year teaching privately in Europe and Africa. Upon returning to my hometown in Colorado, I found work teaching at Colorado Mesa University, Yoga West Collective, and privately in homes throughout my valley. During my Gallivanting Grasshopper adventures, I will record and post yoga videos from around the world. This serves two purposes – to keep me accountable in my personal practice and to make yoga more accessible to those who would benefit from it.

Throughout my yoga career, I hope to help people achieve the skills they need to feel comfortable in their bodies. To discover the connection between breath and thought. Between breath and movement. To develop flexibility and strength and balance. To eliminate the stress engendered by constantly dwelling on the future, the stagnancy and regret by constantly dwelling on the past, and find a means to enjoy the fullness of the present.


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