Aimee Pedersen

Sydney NSW
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I have always had a keen interest in all forms of movement having come from a dance and gymnastic background. My discovery of Yoga came at drama school where I began to explore the practice as a means for deeper self understanding and healing in all areas of my life.

Hungry to learn more about the practice that had created such a powerful yet gentle personal evolution, I did my first teacher training in 2007. I began teaching as soon as possible with the hope to share my passion for the practice with others. I have now completed over 1100 hours of teacher training in classical Hatha and most recently studied with my mentor Tara Judelle in the style of Anusara and Embodied Flow.

My classes are alignment focused with an emphasis on observing ourselves without criticism and stepping onto the mat from a place of curiosity and "not knowing" in order to be open to whatever you may discover about yourself. Rather than predetermined ideas about your body and the practice.

Through the study of Embodied Flow I am encouraging deeper exploration of the systems of the body to expand the conversation of who we are. The vocabulary of the body is deep, fascinating and often surprising. It is through our practice that we can experience it's sensation, temperature, emotion, fragility and power. The body, after all, is the most rich and vibrant expression of soul. It is the doorway to knowing ourselves in a more integral way.

It is also my experience that by diving deeper into body-mind and finding moments of stillness and relationship with our whole selves, the effects of such an enquiry pour out of the practice and into our lives. Thus creating more space, richness and joy in all realms of our human experience.

Everything is everything.

I also feel we are here on the planet to simply delight in our being. There are many maps to find this delight of course, yoga is mine. My invitation is to come and see if it resonates with you too.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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