Ainhoa Barriola Fontana

Adelaide SA

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Ainhoa was first introduced to yoga by her father, who has practised for many years, but a long time passed before she took an interest in unveiling the concepts and practice of yoga. At the beginning it was mainly driven by the aim of moving in new ways. It quickly developed into a permanent state of curiosity on an intellectual, physical and spiritual level.

Ainhoa started her own practice in late 2010 and trained as a teacher in India in October 2015. Since then she has completed several trainings in yin yoga with Jo Phee and Melanie McLaughlin.

In her classes she wishes for everybody to feel welcome and comfortable with themselves. It is not about doing anything ‘right’ but about moving and breathing in ways that nurture our bodies and minds. It is about going inwards.

Ainhoa thinks that asana practice is a powerful tool to build awareness and to discover more about ourselves. From this connection, born from a physical practice, we can perhaps start to cultivate a yoga practice that goes beyond the mat.


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