Aira (Rukmini) Guevara

Miami Beach, FL
United States

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Aira Guevara (Rukmini) is a Hatha Yoga teacher with a special interest in integrating the healing power of essential oils with the practice of yoga to counteract stress, anxiety, and depression. As a research journalist, and editor, she has dedicated over a decade to study and practice the effects and benefits of Aromatherapy, devising the synergistic method Yofloreo® that she shares in workshops in the United States, with remarkable healing results.

She studied Aromatherapy at Centro y Escuela de Aromaterapia Integral Espiritual in Monterrey, Mexico, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist from Educating Hands, Miami. Her bachelor's degree in Communications Science & Journalism is from Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Aira teaches classic Hatha Yoga for beginners, intermediates, seniors, and people with special needs.

Week of November 22TH

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