Aj Rudnick

Chantilly, VA
United States

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My biggest wish is for you to be well, at ease and content. Maybe you feel like you are being pulled in too many directions or that work and family are competing for your time. Or you feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

I'm here to tell you, that even more than deserving to take care of yourself, you need to. It's more than just feeling better physically - stronger, more flexible or having improved posture. I want you to be present for yourself and family. Practicing self-acceptance and compassion will make you a positive role model for those around you. Find your inner witness so reactions to everyday events are even-tempered.

Since 2008, AJ has been helping people feel better. AJ creates a practice that works for each individual. It's your body and your spirit, so it should be your yoga, too. After all, yoga is for people, not pretzels.

AJ Rudnick is a YogaFit trained instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1998. She was first drawn to yoga as a classical musician to help overcome tendonitis, control asthma attacks, keep alert mentally, stay physically fit and reduce stress. She has worked with children as old as 2 and adults as young as 92. Her clients have included people recovering from injury, athletes, musicians, as well as those practicing a healthy lifestyle.


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