Aja Souljourner

Upland, CA
United States

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I am a souljourner, a mind body spirit worker, a tripped out traveller, a woman warrior growing with the ebbs and flows while exploring my wildish nature. I’m a motherdaughtersistaloverfriend, a bit corny sprinkled with moments of genius, an awkward innovator and collaborator in this dance called Life. My 15 year relationship with yoga has revealed that it is quite simply an enlivening system of balance and liberation.

I'm humbled, awed, and grateful to share an ancient yet futuristic tool of mind body and spiritual wellness: the healing serum of Kemetic Yoga.

I'm open and receptive to facilitate personalized, group, organizational, and workshop sessions. Please inbox me to connect and discuss.

In addition, I'm empowered to offer weekly classes a fresh and community grounded studio!

Hotep! Wepa! Mahal!


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