Ajay Srivastava


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I am involved with yoga for last 35 years and do it every day for an hour which includes a unique Shirshasan of 5 minutes along with JAP & is a rare of the rarest Shirrshasan as per yoga experts,since it includes JAP & Pranayam as well during headstand itself.
My way of training yogic exercises, includes a combination of Asana, Pranayam, JAP, Tratak & Meditation as well. All these Kriyas can be performed simultaneously by regular practice. Yoga is not alone a physical exercise; it works as a perfect natural programmer for the correct functioning of our body’s software.
By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer; worked in private sector Eicher, Escorts, India Glycols and Triveni Engg. etc., for many decades, where a number of fellow colleagues were benefiting from my yoga experience, hence I know the importance of yog in corporate sector as well. And therefore I have transformed my passion into profession.

I myself do yoga for an hour every day for the last 35 years along with shirshasan very comfortably up to 5 minutes with JAP & Pranayam. My son an IITian, studying in IIM Ahmedabad, also does yog every day as per my guidance.


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