Alain Benitez

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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Born in the Caribbean, Alain Benitez is a lover of winter and snow but with hot breaks vacationing in the tropics. He was drawn into yoga when a friend of his introduced him to a headstand. However, it was after joining his first yoga class that he began to understand that those poses were just a beginning of a deeper practice that not only involved using the body but also using the full engagement of the mind. Alain was then introduced to different styles and found a learning experience in each one of them.

With a predilection for a heated environment Alain decided to join a Baptiste inspired practice at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia that led to a completion of a Power Vinyasa certification that same year. The opportunity to share his teachings came from Anjali Power Yoga in Philadelphia, a space Alain has called home for the past 2 years.

Yoga for Men has been a big part of Alain's journey, the practice is like no other. Being able to share classes with very influential instructors such as Ray Whetstone, Aaron Star and David Flewelling has broadened his understanding of the benefits of yoga for men. Working with them has given Alain, the tools to lead men through a safe, yet challenging practice. Alain has led various workshops and retreats including Flow Align & Restore and Yoga & Adventure Retreat for Men in Costa Rica.

Alain's passion for yoga and travel keeps him searching for unique locations where to share his teachings and introduce students to new cultures and adventures.


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