Ale B. Gurukkal

Arona Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Our Director, Ale B. Gurukkal 's goal is to teach how taking care of ourselves and protect from a new decadence of stressed life due to modern habits full of contradictions and a strong influence of material society. He started at young childhood Hatha Yoga under the teaching of His Mother, Master of the European Federation of Hatha Yoga, in Catania, Sicily. After graduating as Physical Education Teacher in 96 in Sicily , He decided to spend 2 years in Kerala, India, under the teaching of Sri Vasudeva Gurukkal and Ayurveda Doctor Shaji Mon, to study more about Integral Hatha Yoga - Kalaripayatt ( Indian Martial Art) and Graduating as Therapist in Ayurveda Kalary Massage.
Also take part in Siddarsana Krias with the Association "Art of Living India" .
He has working many years as Spa Manager in a well known School of Yoga in Paris, where He also learned the Yoga of Sri B K S Iyengar , highly effective trough His alignments, and Sri Pattabi Joys's Asthanga Vinyasa, for an energizing and solar practice. Graduated in Traditional Thai massage and Thai Yoga in France 2005 . He has more than 16 Years experience working at different Spas around the World with various personalized cares. His continuous learning focused him on a Natural and Global way of Healing even more Holistic ( 360º wellness) and trying to work without any mental or body toxins. He loves to share his passions for Sea Sport since his very Young childhood and the experiences of a native volcanic Island as his teachings create an intimate connection with the Natural Elements: Enjoy easily and Respectfully Safe All Grateful Presents of This Wonderful Planet .


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