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Alejandra Romo. Photographer/ Surfer/ Ocean lover/ Adventurer and Entrepreneur

After working many years at publicity agencies, and afterwards managing international projects for Surfrider Foundation Europe, I decided to pursue my dream of being independent and work more closely with my passions for travel & surf.

I'm a passionate about Yoga, and since I quilted my "office" job, I started to organize retreats in Europe and abroad collaborating with wonderful people I connect through my different travels.

I'm the founder of Donosti Chill retreat house:

"Donosti Chill is a yoga retreat house dedicated to all ocean lovers, yogis and wellness enthusiasts. Our space is a relaxing haven in the beautiful city of San Sebastián, and provides a wonderful base for exploring the features of the city and its surroundings. We offer comfortable accommodation that can be complemented by in-house yoga lessons and a variety of other healthy activities.

During the spring and fall seasons, we proudly organize wellness retreats that include activities such as surfing, yoga, and cultural excursions. Come the winter season, we collaborate with fellow explorers and travel collectives to coordinate international trips to tropical destinations such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Bali.

We welcome you to host your own retreat in Donosti Chill, and would be happy to help you in every step of the planning process!

*Maximum 12 guests"

You want to work/ collaborate together?
Drop me a line to: /> Whatsapp me: +34 627 122 148
Or skype me: aleromomarquez1


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