Alessandra Frigerio

Region Metroplitana

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Like most of the Arians Alessandra loves action. So the path of looking for a healing practice that could fit with her being had been quite long, after going trough different ancient practices she found Ashtanga. Flow, deep states of movement, stillness, mindfulness, devotion, balance and imperfect perfect asanas, made her just fall in love with it. While she was living in Thailand she met the renamed yoga teacher Lorraine Taylor, who inspired her to take one step further in order to become an instructor. The whole teacher training became it self a transformational experience which opened her being towards new ways of seen the outside world trough the experience gained by practicing, it made her understand the significance of the " Let it flow, let it go", in all ways. But what made the whole process complete, was having receved initiation of the Sacred Tantra traditions from her Bhakti teacher Radasi. The Taotantric Healing Arts are other precious teachings that she offers to women of all ages. Her unique way of infusing her spiritual work with a deep reverence and respect for astrology and shamanic traditions, had taken her to lead womens circles and moon
Her calling is to become a bridge of clarity where women and men can vision their first steps towards their own evolution, which in is as simple as:
“The freedom of just being yourself”, her mission is to awaken those who don`t know when to start the journey into their own truth, so by active fun, creativity, innovation, conviction, and with the most important ingredient of all….
with COURAGE, she will inspire you to follow your dreams.


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