Alessia Avellino

United Kingdom

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My yoga classes are dynamic focusing on alignment and flowing sequences.
Expect a challenging asana practice, music, meditation, optional chanting in Sanskrit and yoga philosophy.
Yoga is in my life every single day. I meditate every day and practice, sometimes a lot, sometimes a light practice if I'm having a rest
I never rest from the meditation though, that happens come rain or shine. I'm also an artist and some of the photos I have added to this bio here are taken in my art studio. When friends come over we practice yoga together and enjoy being healthy and creative together. That's how I started teaching, friends would come to my studio, and one day they said 'Would you teach us? This yoga thing you do seems to be so good for you!' That was back in 2004!
I do everything I love, love everything I do and do it all to the max. I love feeling unlimited when it comes to creativity.
Actually I love feeling unlimited when it comes to everything. Yoga helps with that. I don’t come from a background of ‘Unlimited thinking’ and being, so I’ve had to work at tearing down the barriers that I was putting up against myself, some created, some inherited, some conscious and others subconscious.

I still work at it all the time and yoga helps. It’s a bit like peeling the layers of an onion sometimes…
I look forward to facilitating your practice.


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