Alex Crow

San Francisco, CA
United States

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My body is my temple, and an amazing vehicle with witch to roam around this beautiful, crazy, bizarre, and inspiring world. I feel that the more I have access to my own form, the more that I feel connected to all other forms. As an active dance artist, dance maker, and yoga teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, It is my wish to continue to dance through my life, as well as to encourage other human spirits to come into contact with their own unique form of expression, truth, and sense of inter-connectivity.

Every body is born with the intelligence to function perfectly, receive and give out breath, heal itself of illness. Many things have the power to get in the way of this innate intelligence including old belief patterns, social media, the food we eat, and the books we read, however I believe that these things only have power if we allow them to. My goal is to liberate the mind from it’s ideas of what “should” be, and empower the human spirit to feel into that innate intelligence to find their own answers regarding what feels true to them; it is only through our own inner exploration of the vastness of the human spirit that we can come to our own conclusions about our life and well-being. With the power of conscious breath practices, among many playful, expressive, yet disciplined movement practices, I offer a way to help us heal ourselves on every level through the gateway of the body.

Week of June 14TH

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