Alex Merkowitsch

Houston, TX
United States
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Yogic principles bring peace and awareness to my life that I wish to share with my students. As a certified and registered yoga teacher, I draw on my training in the Anusara, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Principle-based Partner Yoga methods to facilitate a safe opening of body, mind, and heart for any level student.

My intention is to light the path so that each student receives what is needed to live a more present and aware life – on and off the mat. I lead special focus classes, workshops, and retreats in Texas, Germany, and Thailand.

I also offer corporate classes, where I draw from my own experience in business settings to reduce injuries from sedentary desk work, repetitive motion, and stress. My classes are conscientiously and skillfully sequenced, incorporate strong physical and energetic alignment, and are supported with uplifting themes for the heart that encourage abundance and well being in our lives.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazingly thorough and inspiring instructor!

I have been practicing yoga for over 4 years, most of which has been at Sundance Yoga Studio. I got about our of every class, but I didn't begin to have the depth of understanding of safely transitioning into poses and what that journey meant for me until I began Alex's mixed levels class. Her cuing is thorough and intuitive and gives me a deeper experience in even the "basic" asanas. Her sequencing flows beautifully and is never stagnant from week to week. She is constantly expanding her own knowledge base to share with her students. I can't recommend her classes enough!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Masterfully Intuitive

Alex is an amazing teacher. She builds classes to open up your body to experience the best your body can do that day. She is highly intuitive to adjusting her cues to the class. She can be both gentle permissive, or tough and demanding, but she learns her students well and always engages appropriately. Her classes are always a delight. She is always learning new things and passing them on, as well as expanding on the old. You don't get the same class week to week. All of her classes are a an amazing opportunity to practice on the mat.

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Appreciating Alex Merkowitsch

Plan to arrive at a class taught by Alex about 15 minutes early to assure a comfortable place to put your mat and time to settle in before practice begins. Alex is extremely dedicated to her students and preparing a class that will "speak to" a wide range of students' abilities. As a fellow teacher, I feel like I learn something new from Alex every time I'm fortunate enough to attend one of her classes. It's obvious that Alex is constantly studying a variety of yoga techniques to share with her students. There's no doubt in my mind that Alex Merkowitsch is already one of the top Yoga teachers in the Houston area.

Submitted by Deborah Beard

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Best of the best!

I have practiced for 9 years and have taken classes from many teachers in that time. Alex is the best teacher I've ever had the pleasure of practicing with.
She teaches a dynamic class with a strong focus on alignment. Her classes are challenging, even at the beginner level, but that challenge allows her students to rise up and do more than they ever thought possible.
She spends time developing each class, creating thoughtful sequencing and linking the breath, the body and the mind.
Regardless of where you are in your practice her classes will guide you deeper into all that is there for you. I highly recommend her classes to anyone.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inviting, calm, and encouraging teacher!

Alex inspires me to go further in my practice.