Alexa Kho-Hinkson

United Kingdom

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Alexa Kho-Hinkson has been developing her practice in the Art of Yoga for ten years, and teaching for over six. Venturing to Vrindavan, India for her first teacher-training course in February 2008, Alexa was named “Ambika” by her teachers during the 200 Hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training course that she successfully completed. This name further inspired her to create ‘Ambika Yoga’.

During Alexa’s early teaching years, she was dedicated in developing her Yoga teaching by participating in extensive Anusara Yoga classes, workshops, conferences and completing a 100 Hour Anusara Immersion in 2010. Travelling across the globe connecting with many different teachers Alexa has added to her training hours from New York in 2009, to Hong Kong, Singapore & Bali in 2010, and 2011.

She has trained with leading international teachers including Elena Voyce, Bridget Woods-Kramer, Lisa Sanfilippo, Ross Rayburn, Sianna Sherman, Anodea Judith, Martin Kirk, Zhenja La Rosa, Carlos Pomeda, Simon Low, Anna Forest, Shiva Rea and Leah Kim.

Alexa has been given awards during her time of teaching for improving Corporate workplaces, and in June 2013 she was recognised as ‘Yoga Teacher of the Month’, for OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine. She is also pleased to announce that she is now an Ambassador for Luxury Yoga brand Manuka UK, and offering special discounts to all her clients.

Alexa has also extended her Corporate Yoga teaching having led special IKEA Home sessions in November 2012, during her continued work with Yoga Team Ltd. in London. Over the past four years she has been specialising her training in Therapeutic Yoga and built up her private practice, while still teaching her dedicated public students with her popular classes, workshops, and global retreats.

Alexa is based in North London, and teaches in different areas including Mayfair, Chelsea, the City and Westminster, Islington, Camden, Archway and Highgate.

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