Alexa Liebegott

Calverton, NY
United States

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Alexa's love and connection with yoga began during her recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. The gentle flow between breath and movement in the practice brought Alexa a greater awareness of her body and allowed her to reconnect with her thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that she had lost for so many years. After fully recovering, Alexa enrolled in a 200-Hour training at Long Island Kula Yoga and discovered that her true passion in life was teaching. Alexa's Vinyasa-style classes are a playful mixture of challenging and thoughtful poses that are designed to help guide each student in reconnecting with themselves. Alexa caters to all-levels and will encourage each student to try new things in a fun and judgement-free environment. She believes that the gentle and synchronized flow of breath and body in yoga can transform your life, as it did hers.


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