Alexandra Kambler


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I am continually exploring the inner and outer realm, my inner world and the connection to the outer world. Yoga can happen anywhere. It’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable, brave and embrace the present moment.

I work in collaborations. That’s where the creative process begins. Since Dharma has no permanent setting, she travels, opening up new spaces for yoga and movement. I have collaborated with The museum of photography in Stockholm and I have regular courses at the Art museum in Västerås. I've also collaborated with the theater in town, teaching the acting crew and locals yoga.

I've been teaching yoga since 2004, and cultivating my own practice since 1999. I have several teacher trainings behind me as well as a master's degree in psychology and cherish continually being a student. I teach vinyasa flow with an intention for creative movement and inner exploration, inspired by Julie Martin from Brahmani yoga. I also teach restorative yoga. I put much effort in conveying the exploration of movement, in a safe and creative way. I also give talks based on yoga philosophy and psychology. I travel, teaching with an intention to cultivate awareness and compassion.

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