Alexandra Otchidaci

United Arab Emirates

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Hello ,

Most of my life i dedicate my body and my soul to DANCE, that was my passion my work and my distraction. Being a dancer makes you feel different unique special, i can even say it defines your future,from the other side sometimes it can isolate you from the reality.
I made a choice to try different ways of living , feeling , and honestly to say i never felt in a right place,there were always something missing in my life. That how i felt for the past 26 year.
I start doing yoga when i got involved in fitness industry,and for sure that was not my passion) After few years being in fitness i finally decide to take yoga course. I don"t want to say much,the only think i wanna mention i feel much happier than before, i feel healthier and less fatigue. I feel now much more greateful for everything i have i do and i am!

Week of December 5TH

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