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Yoga and it's practises have shown me how to tap into and ground in the ever present blueprint of peace, health & genuine source of love & joy from

Which greatly inspires me to teach, in guiding others to find and maintain greater harmony within (mind, body, spirit) and observing how that positively transforms their fabric of life as we weave the practise of yoga into our centre (within our hearts).

I feel that the meditative dance of Yoga offers a unique opportunity whereby each student can follow a path of natural growth to explore, strengthen, heal and develop body, mind and spirit. In my classes I gently guide students from one asana (posture) to another whilst simultaneously inviting students to listen to their greatest teacher& healer which resides within.

Safety is also very important to me as I believe Yoga should be practised with balance of effort& ease, as we focus upon the breath, grounding us in the present enabling greater flow of movement to help release that which arises in mind, in emotion & in body. Ultimately the time we give ourselves on 'our mat' is to recharge, restore & to renew.

It is when you leave the classroom, that your yoga actually begins.
It is in how you connect to people and how you relate to the world.
Your yoga is in finding a balance in giving and receiving.
It is the wellness between inner and outer worlds.
I feel our real 'practise' is to spread peace, flourishing from within & expanding out.

~ Om Shanti ~
alexandra rodrigues


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