Alexandra Ryberg

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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You've probably heard someone say "yoga found me," at some point in your life. Especially if you hang around yogis often. In my case, it really did! After a series of serendipitous events, I found myself, with ease, nannying a new born baby in exchange for my first "teacher training" (all because I wanted to heal my damaged thigh). Once the training was over, I knew that in reality, it had only begun (cliche too, I know).

I felt so youthful in the realm of yoga that I couldn't stop getting my feet wet. One interest lead to another and now I sit in the seat of "teacher" often, sharing my passion of mindfulness and body awareness through primarily one on one thai yoga sessions (the most sustainable form of medicine there is, I swear) but still offering one yin yoga class a week. I also teach and certify others in SomaVeda® Thai yoga, coming from the belief that we can help each other begin to reverse negative habits and prevent future ones.

It is my hope that we all live well and prosper. Medicine should be accessible and sustainable, thai yoga & yoga are just two modalities which support that potential.

Show an act of practical love through touch, influence the skill of self-awareness through personal (constant) contemplative practice!



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