Alexandra Sturgess

Cavriglia AR

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I have been interested in fitness my whole life, always trying new and different ways to keep my body fit. I started practicing yoga some years ago and I thought that based on how much I love it I wanted to teach other people and see how much they love it too!

I studied in India for my first Yoga Teacher Training and I will complete my second Teacher Training February 2015 in Costa Rica. I love teaching.

For me, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle has always been of paramount importance. I'm a strong supporter of the Latin saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, which means that only a healthy body can support a healthy mind, so we should strive to keep our bodies in top condition. I've lived in many countries, and experienced many different cultures but always come back to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle and found myself coming together with the other founders of Tuscan Fitness to Italy. I love the fact that the Italian philosophy is not about deprivation or even having to worry about how to manage a harmonious diet and lifestyle, but with some care, opens up a world of delicious and well balanced menus that can form the basis of your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.


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