Alexis Quednau

Vancouver, BC

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I like to base my teaching on my own first-hand experiences. This way, I can be the most authentic when sharing yoga with others.
After over a dozen years of exploring, my personal practice changes according to the seasons and involves a myriad of different approaches. So, I'm enthusiastic about teaching more than one style; there's always more than one path to the

I've also been very lucky to study with a wide variety of teachers in many different disciplines, and sometimes include in my classes distilled breathing practices I've learned from studying singing, as well as simple alignment principles I've gathered from other embodied practices, like physical theatre.

At the moment, I've just returned from living and studying in NYC. I'm doing my second teacher training -- this time in a long-term program that draws on elements of energy healing, shiatsu, vocal technique and other somatic therapies as well as yoga.
I'm really excited to become one of the very first to share this approach with studios and students in Vancouver(!) as I develop workshops and return to teaching regular classes.

I am passionate about inviting others into a yoga practice that enlivens the whole body, and unravels the heart.

Please feel free to contact me here with teaching opportunities, or with any questions.


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