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Hola, I am Ali the founder of Wellness Escapes Spain, after a successful and rewarding fitness teaching, nutrition and therapy career since 2000 in the UK, my dream was to relocate to sunny of Spain and to continue with my passion for good health an active lifestyle.

I have been so fortunate in my life, with an amazingly supportive family and friends, my wonderful, intelligent daughter Ellie, who has completed a 3 year Degree in Social Work and applied Studies, graduated and I so proud of my baby girl.  Now working with our local Somerset county council and loving her work. My cheeky chappie son Chad, who is a trainee Plasterer, Chad is a chip off the old block, a true entertainer.  

My loving parents for making me the person I am today, they have always been my biggest motivation and encouraged me to chase my dreams. I am so lucky to have them all in my life even though we are thousands of miles apart right now, but always in my heart and thoughts, every second of the day.

I have had the absolute pleasure of supporting and encouraging hundreds of clients, now good friends since my career started in 2000 in their journeys to improved fitness, health and well-being. I have worked closely in the UK with the NHS; through GP Referral schemes, local councils; in weight management and specialised courses, sports centres and in the have enjoyed teaching numerous group disciplines; Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness, through to HIIT, Zumba, Pound, Aerobics and many more Cardio, Weight Management through to Pilates Personal Training with my personally designed 'Fit Females" programs. Fully qualified in ITEC, VTCT, CIBT Therapies and a Weight Management & Detox Consultant for exercise and nutrition.

I love teaching all my disciplines, my true passion, is Pilates and Yoga. In 2003 I was asked by a friend and fellow teacher to cover her Pilates class, which I attended. I myself have suffered with low back pain due to my years of gymnastics, majorettes and dance, just after 1 class I was blown away with the relief in my back, felt taller and reduced discomfort.  

The next day I looked in to teacher training courses, I started my journey to become a fully qualified Pilates teacher with the support, guidance and instruction of Pilates Institute, St Thomas and Guy's physiotherapist and lectures and training days with members of the Harley Street Back Clinic, London in group foundation, improver, advanced instruction through to BackCare, clinical posture, pre and postnatal, sport specific, specialist age, personal training through to NHS GP referral specialist and then added my Yoga qualifies to enhance my teaching, my well being and students. I still love my teaching and self practice today.

I hope to make many more new friends here in Spain and continue my passion of fitness and well-being in the beautiful warm sunshine and breath taking landscape in Spain to promote enhanced health, confidence and lifestyles with old, current and new clients building long life friendships.


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