Ali Rumani

Costa Mesa, CA
United States

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From his first yoga class, on a cold, wet February afternoon in London, Ali was hooked. He was aware of yoga's ability to improve alignment, posture and the subsequent myriad improvements to physical health. What he discovered, however, was a complete, integrated system for not only physical but also mental and spiritual health - the benefits of which continue to motivate and inspire his teaching today. In London, Ali practiced with some of the UK's finest instructors and experimented with varying styles from Astanga to Iyengar, restorative to Qigong. In a short time he achieved the goals that had eluded him in the gym: weight loss, strength, stamina, but these were just an added bonus to the positive effect that yoga and yogic philosophy was having on his general wellbeing and outlook. Ali found a home in the mental stillness of pranayama, the meditative flow of vinyasa and the teachings of the sutras, which he could take with him away from the mat and implement in his everyday life. He moved to Los Angeles in 2015 where the natural progression of his journey as a student of yoga led him to complete his 200hr teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga at YogaBody Studios. His zest for yoga and light-hearted teaching style will have you smiling (and of course mindfully breathing) through his challenging, dynamic classes.


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