Ali Shore

Mesa, AZ
United States

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I have been practicing yoga since 2005 when I opted to take yoga in lieu of I enjoyed the physical benefits and continued to use yoga as a supplemental workout to running, ballet, weight lifting and hiking. Throughout college, I bounced around from studio to studio trying out every style. During my Masters program, I began to see the spiritual, mental, and emotional difference that yoga had brought into my life and my work with families and their children at-risk for Developmental Delay & Disability. By 2011, I had a rigorous daily yoga practice. I took the leap and completed my RYT-200. I love introducing people to yoga, meditation, and breathwork; breaking away from stereotypes and allowing people to see yoga through their own eyes. The benefits are endless and I enjoy being a catalyst through which each individual finds whatever they're looking for on and off the mat-- it is your practice, so it should look like you- not me! My goal is to always support my clients and students in the way that they need.


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