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Alice is a free spirit; travelling, get to know different fascinating cultures, is one of her favorite hobbies.
It' s how I realized the importance of the yoga path in my life, how it makes small differences everyday in my daily life, how it's still making differences in my human relationships, everyday with people is already part of my life and people I meet for the first time, and also the last bit not less important, the sense of respect, for the environment around me, where even small animals creatures are part of become one.
Places where I dedicated part of my life such as London, where a Buddhist temple and people that are part of it, gave me my first answer; Australia, where be part of a particular yoga movement thought me how yoga is a spiritual path, made of physical practices, but also philosophy, deep sacred books, dedication to a spiritual attitude, healthy food, positive thoughts, community work. All is yoga.
Alaska, where I wouldn't never thought to find such a good dedication to yoga, where a great academy teach you ancient and deep concept about Tibetan practices and share a good dedication to the beautiful yoga path.
Last experience, deep as the other ones, gave me something I hadn't have before: A yoga alliance certification. After my previous experiences, a full immersion of intense yoga teacher training in a beautiful location in Tuscany, in a great environment and people, gave me the chance to learn good tips for my future teaching and nothing's will be so beautiful as be able to share all these experiences, and passion with other people.


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