Alicea Rieger

Bellevue, WA
United States

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I started practicing yoga in high school then took a 15+ year break from yoga practice. I found yoga again about 10 years ago, after needing to let go of the stress I take on from my students as a high school counselor. Starting back with Vinyasa yoga, then finding ‘hot' Hatha about 7 years ago and for the past 2 years I added Kundalini yoga to my practice. Taking teacher training was always swirling around in the back of my thoughts during classes. The only thing stopping me from taking taking teacher training was that I didn’t look like a yoga teacher. Finally, I decided why not, it doesn't matter what size I am, as long as I can teach, help and inspire others to find their best practice. Spring 2017, I completed my 200 RYT through Yoga Academy at GZHY. My focus of teaching is making sure I teach to everyBODY shape, size and ability in the class.


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