Alicia Harvie

Cambridge, MA
United States

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Yoga goes where it is needed most. True to form, yoga came into my life at a time when I dearly needed it. Not only was I physically out of shape; I had lost my sense of self, and my internal compass for what I really wanted and needed. I was more stressed than I could recognize – having endured anxiety and depression for most of my life – and exhausted.

This practice was a revelation for me. My first days on my mat felt intuitive; exactly what my body wanted. Even when I was tired or stressed, I knew I could commit to another practice, because all I needed to do was breathe and listen to my body. Somehow, that always blossomed into something more. Through yoga, I could feel for the first time that I was okay and that my life was going to be okay. I was finding a healing and a new source of strength I didn’t know was available to me.

Over time, I felt the physical, spiritual and emotional transformation that yoga can offer. I am freer, wiser and more present in my life. My yoga practice began in 2009, and a few years later I completed Prana Power Yoga’s hands-on assistant training. In January 2014, I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Prana. Sharing this practice with others is a great honor, one for which I am truly grateful.


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