Alicia McMichael

Waikiki, HI
United States

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Alicia McMichael, CEO/ Founder of Alicia McMichael International is a true inspiration and New Paradigm Empowered Leader. Alicia offers one on one coaching offering advanced trainings in Access Consciousness, Reiki Energy Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and has over 10 years of Business Education. She is a strong leader and believes in creating positive change in the world.

Alicia has trained Celebrity Authors, NFL Players and has educated Doctors in Consciousness and Reiki Education. In 2014, Alicia led a Tour of Consciousness through the East Coast and Hawaii. She has trained many individuals to clear their limiting beliefs to live better lives. Alicia has led Yoga Retreats to allow individuals to experience their soul calling and higher purpose and experience an overall shift in their wellbeing. Alicia has worked with an Award-winning Architect in Maui, Hawaii at Lumeria Maui Retreat Center where she led Meditation.

Alicia has recently finished a Yoga DVD and has partnered with Nahko Bear and Medicine For the People where she has launched her product globally. Alicia has sat on many Boards, including the Festival of Goddesses events in Laguna Beach to inspire woman to be powerful influences in the world.


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