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Hello! My name is Alina. I am a yoga teacher in Berlin. I teach Vinyasa yoga in English.

I discovered yoga in 2006, while looking for an activity that could help me find balance amidst demanding big city life. I've never looked back. My practice has evolved and deepened over years, becoming integral to and influencing my lifestyle – and has ultimately instilled in me a desire to teach, and share my love of yoga.

Yoga explores and initiates the connection of the body and the mind, and this remains the guiding principle for my classes. To explore and enhance our physical capability and to help us settle into a stronger body with ease, while initiating an inquiry within, through a safe yet solid body-and-mind practice. Yoga sends us on the path of cultivating awareness and discipline, which in turn leads to openness, compassion, patience, soulful-ness and a perhaps even a vision of unity. Ultimately, this helps us get better at life.

I currently teach group and one-to-one classes in Berlin. I teach in English. You can check my current schedule here:



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Alina is a wonderful yoga teacher

I only got to know about her lessons by accident - but I am very happy that I did! I write from a beginner’s point of view, as I am new to yoga. What I like about Alina is that she works closely enough to help where required. She is professional and reminds you of your physical limits but also has the right amount of humor needed for the practice. I am not spiritual myself. I feel very comfortable with the way Alina introduces the spiritual part of yoga, because it’s quite subtle and not as exaggerated as in other yoga classes. I always leave the lesson with the feeling that I learned something new. I highly recommend her classes.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Ive had various experiences with Alina on different occasions and set ups.
One of them has been that she has thought for almost a year in the space I run and from that perspective it was super great working with her. Alina is flexible, clear in her communication, enthusiastic and proactive. She was really a great teacher to have as she is very self organised and would come with great suggestions on how we could better the overall yoga experience in our space.


Secondly Ive had the pleasure to participate in several of her classes. She is kind in her teaching and challenging. I feel she caters in a wide range of levels even if these different levels are all in the same class. She takes the time for each student, and makes connections between people having the same difficulties.

I highly recomment her classes :)

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For several months I visit Alina's courses and always go with a good feeling my way. She is very attentive and adapts to their students. Each course is different and always a little adventure for me, thank you

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Alina offers group classes, small classes of 2-5 students, and private lessons and I have participated in all three. She has deepened and improved my practice more in the past two years than the prior 12 years combined! Alina's classes have a wave rhythm, beginning and ending serenely with some challenging, rigorous vinyasa at the heart. She protects my sensitive wrists and is careful never to stress injuries, which allows me to practice with confidence and joy. Her style is uniquely meditative and playful, combining physical challenge with mental and spiritual cleansing. I cannot recommend her more highly.