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Yoga teacher Alisha (Alvine Raituma) – I have a higher education and work experience in field of Public Relations and Advertising, but I have found my heart’s fulfillment in yoga.

Gained an international title for Yoga teacher – Yoga Siromani (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Austria). Have got 2nd Reiki level certificate . I’ve mastered the meditation course “Lessons in Meditation” in Italy, at Kriya Yoga.

I am interested in Ayurveda and Vedic culture. Have a diploma in a variety of Ayurvedic massage – Champi, Garshana and Ayurvedic back massage. I have attended seminars and lectures by Oleg Tursunov, Maxim Volodin, Elena Bychkov, Valdis Svirskis (Heart Yoga), Guna Supe and Viktors Supe.
My passion is Vegetarian kitchen - I love to eat healthy and to cook food, and prepare raw foods.

I am inspired by Swami Kriyananda. Therefore, I continue to develop myself at Raya Yoga, which also includes Ananda Yoga (Yoga with affirmations).
Besides Swami Kriyanada, my sources of inspiration are three athletes: my husband Martins Raitums- a professional ice hockey goalie, Sri Chinmoy and Dan Millman.

My husband’s professional athlete’s career has inspired me to study yoga as a spiritual teaching, with a focus on sport. How Yoga and other spiritual exercises can improve performance of professional athlete, how it helps to recover from injuries and also protects from them, how to better concentrate during the game, how to regain energy after games.
And how to grow as an athlete.

This is the field, where I am most educating myself at the moment.
I will be happy if you will find my knowledge and my experience helpful in any field of your life! As yoga is not just about sports…:) I love sports, but but there is much greater meaning behind it!



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Very nice and knowing yoga teacher. After her lessons become internal peace.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Alivine is wonderful!

Having worked with Alivine throughout the course of our training together I can honestly say that she is a wonderfully spiritual, generous and compassionate teacher. She will guide you through your meditation and asanas with a friendly and deeply connected vibe.
You will not be disappointed if you choose her as your teacher!