Alison Jennings

Llantwit Major
United Kingdom

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British Wheel of Yoga certified teacher working in the Vale of Glamorgan. Alison began her own yoga journey in 1989 and it was the spiritual aspect that drew her in. She was intrigued by the sense of calm and stillness that yoga and meditation could bring.

Over 20 years of experience have taken her all over the world, resulting in her practice taking a rich and varied path experiencing several traditions; Iyengar, Sivananda, Astanga and Vinyasa flow. The result is a style fused with mindfulness, breath awareness and a connection with mind and body. She has a very contemporary approach to this amazing tradition steeped in history. She embraces the physical health benefits of yoga such as increased strength, vitality and flexibility whilst also invoking a sense of self examination both on and off the mat.

She aims to give her students tools they can use to cope with the stresses of modern-day life, encouraging them to generate a warm and loving energy. By understanding their intention to practice she feels she can guide them to go beyond that and fulfill the most simplistic yet often most difficult goal which is to just be. Be with mind, body and breath. Be with calm, acceptance and peace. Be with the knowledge of our true nature for a more balanced and positive outlook on life.